About Us


About Us

Xenatherapy is a sports and physiotherapy spa specialising in treating sports and posture injuries. Our sessions are held in a cosy home setting for the ultimate relaxation and privacy.

Founder Dianne is an experienced sports physiotherapist with a loyal clientele who return to her because they see results.

She sees her clients treatment as a journey and builds relationships with each so she can better understand their injuries and their path towards to healing.

What to Expect

From Us

Your first consultation will be one of information gathering.

We will ask you about your medical and health history and the likely source of your current pain.

Often the root cause of the pain is in a different area entirely. We will examine how your body moves in relation to its different parts before deciding on a course of treatment therapy.

We will be able to advise at this time how many sessions you are likley to need. Non-complex cases may require a single session. However most cases will require three or more visits.